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This inspirational drama tackles the story of a wife’s unwavering love for her husband who is suffering from Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Tom Rodriguez breathes life to the character of TJ Chavez, a playful and outgoing guy who falls madly in love with Joanna. He and his wife will face their biggest setback when he is diagnosed with the rare disorder.

Lovi Poe is Joanna Mercado, the compassionate wife of TJ. She will do everything for her sick husband even allowing Irene into their lives and into their home. As Irene receives all of TJ’s love and affection, Joanna acts as TJ’s nurse who takes care of his needs.

Max Collins plays the role of Irene Montenegro, TJ’s ex-girlfriend. She tries to stay away from TJ but he keeps seeking her as he no longer recognizes Joanna as his wife.

How far can Joanna still go and what else is she willing to do for her ill husband? Will TJ continue fighting for his love for Irene or will he finally remember Joanna as his wife and as someone who stayed with him despite his sickness and her pain?

Watch full episodes of ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ on and ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ stars Tom Rodriguez, Lovi Poe, Edu Manzano, Max Collins, Jackie Lou Blanco, Isay Alvarez, Ronnie Lazaro, and Boy2 Quizon.



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