Kim Zember joins Jackie Angel to talk about what to do when you’re invited to a same-sex wedding.

Rather than seeing this as a moral dilemma, see the wedding RSVP as an invitation to stand for the gospel. Have a conversation with the person inviting you. This conversation does not have to be an argument. Respond in love. Tell them you love them, and because you love them you are struggling with this decision they are making. Loving someone does not mean loving everything they do.

Marriage is something God created between man and woman. Kim’s mother knew this, and it’s what led her to tell Kim that she would not attend her same-sex wedding if she were to have one. At the time, Kim was living a homosexual lifestyle and she was hurt by her mother’s answer. She told her mother this would seriously damage their relationship. Her mother said she was willing to take that risk if that’s what it took to convey how grave a same-sex marriage would be.

Your loving relationship with others can bring life, even if they are suffering from same-sex attraction and you need to say no to their wedding invitation. We should always bring the sins of a loved one to their attention, and expect them to do the same for us—no matter what sin we are talking about. Remember how Jesus suffered and died for our sins, and how a loving relationship with him can bring life to everyone in our lives.

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