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The roses I use in this video are the Ecuadorian Short Stem White Rose: https://bit.ly/ShortStemWhiteRose

See the video about the bouquet here: https://youtu.be/ygPGAUdfYJs

A guide to Wedding Flowers and Bouquets:
Episode 1: Protea & Wax-flower Bouquet – https://youtu.be/uGo1gai_PAo
Episode 2: Red Rose and Dahlia Posey – https://youtu.be/2rFAStbyuto
Episode 3: Protea, Rose and Succulent Bouquet – https://youtu.be/ygPGAUdfYJs
Episode 4: Designing Table flowers to accompany your bouquet – https://youtu.be/KGDGL-UFpBU

In part 3 of this series, I shared how to make a bouquet using dried king protea, honesty with white roses, stephanotis & succulents. Here then is an elongated table design that you might like to make to compliment the bridal flowers.

You will need:
Elongated white washed terracotta trough,
Foam to fill and plastic or similar to line trough should it have drainage holes,
Flowers of your choice, I’m using those mentioned above along with bay and a bit of rosemary for foliage.

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